Healing Arts

Since my early 20s, I've had a deep interest in holistic healing methods. As a Licensed Massage Therapist (FL Lic #MA71121), I believe that when a massage is given, a sacred space is created for a client to experience deep relaxation and healing. Massage isn't just a mechanical skill—it is a creative healing art.


Drawing and graphic design production, as well as comics, has always been part of my life. This included working over 20 years as a graphic artist and creative director at small printing companies. Recently, I have used the Apple iPad Pro and Pencil as a tool to create Leon & Pedro comix and several iMessage Sticker Packs for iPhone and iPad.


I have never owned a car. I love commuting by bicycle, and naturally I am an advocate of the bicycle—the most efficient and peaceful transportation device created by human hands. As much as possible, I try to stay engaged in the transportation dialog in my chosen city, and be a positive example on the road.

Self portrait ©Adam McAlmont 2017

What is this miscellany?

This miscellany is my attempt to present several aspects of my creative work and life interests on one website. I have several domains pointing to this one place. As incongruent as it may all seem, these are all things I do, and creating a separate website for each thing just seems unnecessary! So, here it is, my eclectic online presence.